Sun Peaks Aquatics is a proud Maax Spas Dealer. Our American Whirlpool Collection is our most premium line of hot tubs. American Whirlpool hot tubs are only slightly louder than a normal conversation at 61db in full filtration mode. They are some of quietest hot tubs on the market, which makes them perfect for your condo, townhouse or chalet!

With Northern Exposure hot tub insulation in every American Whirlpool they are perfectly insulated for the cold temperatures at Sun Peaks. Northern Exposure features a 3M Thinsulate (Likely the same material in your ski gloves!), BlueMAAX eco friendly insulation and a copper inner layer to reflect heat from the pumps. Despite this revolutionary insulation, American Whirlpool hot tubs are still perfectly vented for summer months and they won't overheat like many of the winter only hot tubs out there!

Our factory trained technicians live and work in Sun Peaks. We also provide priority parts and service support to American Whirlpool owners throughout the warranty period and beyond. Don't wait weeks for a technician to get there, we'll see you this afternoon!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have about our American Whirlpool Collection!

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